Save to Clouds Gdrive, One drive, Dropbox

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I’m using a new Samsung galaxy S21 (Nov 2021) with limited 1w8gb internal storage and NO SD CARD. The top device manufacturers, Apple and Samsung, have both decided to remove certain ports such as 1. The 3.55mm headphone jack, and 2. The External SD storage slot. With this consideration, it becomes imperative that any app that exports files of any type, and the files can become large in file size., these type apps suck as SMS BACKUP PRINT, needs to provide read, write, sync access to all top Cloud services such as Apple, Gdrive, Onrdrove, Dropbox, etc.
Thus type access code, external cloud access options, has been endorsed as universally required across all app development. It is my opinion that this cloud storage options code be used for SMS Backup Print as soon as possible. If developers continue to cut costs by reducing space and external drives, Pos that do not offer external cloud services will become less likely to be installed. I encourage this cloud storage services options for SMS Backup Print to show its customers, comoitirion, and Google that the app owners are listening to current changes and are prepared to make changes that keep their products competitive with market / device hardware changes.

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