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Our Apps

SMS Backup, Print & Restore

Backup/Convert your SMS/MMS text messages to PDF, CSV, JPG, HTML or TXT and then restore them back to your device, print, or share them.


Send anonymous text messages to your friends via SMS. It is so much fun! and it's completely anonymous and private!

Exporter for Facebook

Convert, export, share, print and backup your Facebook Messenger Chats as PDF, CSV, JPG, HTML or simply text with Cool looking themes

FunPic - Photo Editor

FunPic is a powerful and yet very easy to use photo editor with many state-of-the-art features!

Exporter For WhatsApp

Export your WhatsApp chats conversations into customization human-readable formats. Perfect for backing-up important conversation and for printing for court purposes.

Yantra Meditation & Healing

Use the power of geometric designs for meditation and healing

HolyLand Israel Live WallPaper

Tour through the most beautiful views of Israel right from your home screen!

Astral Colors

This tool helps to emulate light streams with the astral colors of the aura, using the device screen. It can be used for all kind of practices like Trataka, Meditation, Pranayama enc'