Status: Open

Date changes

Message date changes need to be more pronounced when I put the date that the message is cover on the top of the page it was the PDF output that I was referring to

Cant buy Premium access

Respected I want to buy your app bat when click on GET IT NOW nothing happens. I am from Montenegro and I think my country are restricted for buying in Google store. Please give me some solution.

Regularly scheduled back ups

Hello – I’ve been using your app for a really long time, but I frequently forget to do backups on particular messages. It would be extremely helpful if there is a way to schedule a backup for all your messages or only for specific conversations. And then you can customize how you want them sent …

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Phone logs?

Would love to see a way to download call logs between myself and a particular number.


Conversation data backup Of old phone to new phone


Experimented with creating ‘clipboard’ text. Your fabulous app saved every iteration. Only one of which I want to keep. How do I delete those I don’t want saved?

Auto backup

An option to have messages auto backed up for specific people