Status: Completed

Backup Multiple SMS By Date

I love the ability to back up a specific date range in a conversation, but if you could back up ALL SMS within a given date range, in an unthreaded fashion preferably, that would be the bees knees….

Complete backup of all SMS

I need an app that saves all SMS messages from all sources. Not to save hundreds of messages separately

Storage option

Hi can you add a feature to store pdf and other files to the external sd card on a users phone?

Change message start count

Adding message count was an excellent function! I would love it to have the ability to select dates and to start count from ‘1’ on selected date. Thanks!

Add a number to each message

My suggestion: Every message should get a number, then it is easier to identify a message exactly. For example, you could say: “Let’s talk about message 123” instead of “Look on page 12 and look for the 3rd message from above”.